Fairexx Logistics for Exhibitions BV has been appointed as exclusive forwarder and lifting agent for European Utility Week.

Being the official forwarding agent they provide you with a comprehensive logistics package:

  • Transport from your place to/from Amsterdam
  • Roadfreight & airfreight
  • All customs handling
  • All technical lifting 
  • Storage of empties
  • Storage of brochures, give aways etc.
  • Labour assistance for standfitting, unpacking

Make sure you read the deadlines carefully.

Download the shipping manual!

  • Using an alternative freight forwarder?

Also if you are not using Fairexx Logistics as freight forwarder, PLEASE READ THE SHIPPING MANUAL CAREFULLY to avoid any problems and make sure your freight fowarder applies the same deadlines. 

When not using the services from Fairexx for your shipment, please take into account neither Fairexx or Synergy are responsible for any of the handling of the shipment nor the storage of empties during show period. Costs incurred from any items left after end of show which have not been picked up by your courier company will be charged to the exhibitor.

If you require any assistance or have any questions, please contact:

Fairexx Logistics for Exhibitions BV
De Trompet 2650
1967 DD Heemskerk
The Netherlands
T: +31 251 25 00 60
F: +31 251 25 00 65