Marketing Steps

Download your Marketing Calendar showing an excel overview of the 6 STEPS you can do to make your event a great success. Alternatively you can download the 6 STEPS as a PDF showing an overview of the Campaign Milestones whicih you should be working towards.

Marketing Calendar - Excel 

Campaign Milestones - PDF

Stay on track with your Marketing Campaign for European Utility Week! Make sure you don't miss any milestone!


  • Send us your logo and company profile

Send us your logo in EPS file and your Company Description (download file here) so we can promote your company on our website and event app. Send to ASAP

  • Announce your presence at EUW to your staff

Your team can help you promote your participation to their network. Let them know you are exhibiting as soon as possible so they can book as many meetings in advance as possible at the event!

Send them this page to let them know more about the event and share your e-ticket links with them so they can start inviting (potential) clients.

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And don't forget to check out your logistics deadlines 

  • Share on Social Media

Social Media are a powerful tool to promote your involvement with the event! Attract visitors to join you in Amsterdam by using our dedicated tips & materials for your Social Media campaign. Everything is ready to use on this page

  • Promote on your e-mails 

Share your EUW17 promotional e-mail footer with your (SALES) colleagues and ask them to include it in their e-mail signature to promote your involvement in the event and allow them to start inviting their network. Make sure you link the banner to your Guest e-tickets, so registrations can be visible on your dashboard.

Customise it with your company logo and booth number! We are happy to help you do this, just drop us a line.

Click here to download the visuals

  • Promote on your website

You can use customised EUW17 banners on your website, linked to your Guest e-tickets.

Then, you can check regularly on your Dashboard who has registered via your website.

Customise the banners with your company logo and booth number! We are happy to help you do this, just drop us a line.

Click here to download the visuals

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And don't forget to check out your logistics deadlines 

  • Register your colleagues for the Exhibitor Pass before it gets too busy

It is now time to send out an internal e-mail to your colleagues asking them to register for their Exhibitor Pass. Use your dedicated staff e-ticket link and check if everyone is registered on your Dashboard.

Click here for more information on registration of booth staff

Click here to download a sample e-mail to get you started

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And don't forget to check out your logistics deadlines 

  • Invite your (potential) clients to join you at EUW

Create an e-mail your (Sales) team can use to invite their network and your (potential) clients to the event, using your Guest e-ticket link and the promotional banners. 

Registrations made via this link will be accessible on your dashboard and you can follow up by scheduling meetings with them during the event.

Click here for more information on your e-tickets

Click here to download the promotional banners

Click here to download a sample e-mail to get you started

  • Send us a press release announcing your demo or promotion at your booth 

We work with a dedicated PR team and they can help you reach an international database of media contacts. All you need to do is send us your press release about your activity/ launch/ demo at EUW and they will make sure it is available in our Media database.

PR Tips:  check this file for PR tips and contact us for additional options.

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And don't forget to check out your logistics deadlines 

  • Additional promotion opportunities & Signage options  

You can benefit from additional sponsorships opportunities or extra signage options on the venue to increase your exposure and attract more visitors and (potential) clients to your stand.

Check this page for more information

  • Keep an eye on who has registered to attend the event  

Check if all your booth staff is registered and follow up on all the (potential) clients that have registered via your e-ticket links – make sure you don’t miss one single opportunity to schedule a meeting at the event!

Click here for more

  • Use Summer to increase your presence on Social Media 

During Summer time people are less focused on e-mails and spend more time on social media – that’s a good reason for you to focus on your social media channels to promote your participation in EUW17! 

Click here for tips & ready-to-use materials for your social media campaign


  • Download the free EUW17 App

In August the Event App is live!

You can download the Event App and use it to communicate with everyone who has already registered to attend EUW17, including scheduling meetings or checking who they want to get in touch with at the event.

Your company description is also included in the Event App and all visitors will be checking this, so make sure we have the right information! If you need to edit anything, fill in this form and e-mail it back to ASAP.

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And don't forget to check out your logistics deadlines 

  • Brief your staff before the start of the event 

Make sure you inform all your staff about what their involvement should be at the event and their objectives. It is now time to make some last minute phone calls and send final e-mails to your (potential) clients to schedule meetings with them at your stand and make sure the full 3 days of the event will bring you the ROI you are looking for!

  • Access to the event 

A week prior to the event we will send an e-mail to everyone who is registered with their own barcode to access the event. Download your barcode onto your phone or print it out so you can access the exhibition quickly.

If you have not received your barcode e-mail: double check your Junk E-mail folder and, if it’s not there, send us an e-mail to 

  • Master the Event App

The Event App is a powerful tool to help you contact (potential) clients registered to the event, to stay up-to-date with the event news and to plan your journey on the Exhibition Floor and the Programmes.

You can also use the Activity Feed to promote what is happening at your stand before and during the event!

Make sure you explore the app before the event, so you can benefit from all its features.

  • Be active on Social Media!

Use your Social Media channels to engage with your community and beyond, by showing them what you will be doing at the event! 

Use images and videos so your social media posts have more impact and use the event hashtag #EUW17 to gain more exposure and to be a part of the event community.

Drop us a line if you want some tips about this!

And don't forget to check out your logistics deadlines 


Download the Campaign Milestones below and keep a useful checklist at hand!

Still not sure? Don’t worry, you can always contact me or my team if you have any questions or need any help. 

I look forward to working with you!

Natasha Jennings 
Marketing & Brand Manager
Phone: +31 346 290 813

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Download the Marketing Steps calendar